Fucking a milf is like a rite of passage for most men. It’s a beautiful moment when a young chap suddenly realizes he’s in the presence of a hungry cougar who wants to bang his brains out. Have you ever wondered why we love those older chicks so much? Why is a mom-I’d-like-to-fuck even a term to begin with? It’s our responsibility, as milf-enthusiasts, to know the background behind our insatiable urge to fuck older women… specifically moms. In this article, we’ll investigate why we love getting it on with the hot moms of the world. Buckle up!

Classically, people often refer to Freud when considering what brought on the idea of the Milf. It’s the Oedipus complex, the idea that men are attracted to their own mothers, which seems to enhance the theory. We suppose the idea is that if men are attracted to their own mothers, they might be attracted to other people’s moms. What Freud was really getting at was to say that from birth, men are attracted to pleasing a motherly figure. It might translate in their adult lives in a milf fetish. That sexual theme will continue to bless our lives as we flirt with more and more hot milfs. Some who aren’t easily able to flirt with hot older women might argue that it’s a plague. But that’s why milf websites and milf porn exist. The fantasy isn’t too far away!

Pop culture has also lent a hand in putting the older female figure onto a sexual pedestal. American Pie shows a classic example of a character attempting to sexually court a cougar milf. There are also popular songs written about it, like Stacey’s Mom and other hot pop culture references that only serve to solidify the fact that this fantasy is common, normal, and damn hot! People want to see it in everyday life, which is why it’s such a common thread in pop culture.

It’s probably obvious why people are into milfs, but let’s break down some of the specific reasons that go beyond the Oedipus Complex.


They are experienced

Milfs have been around. They know what they like and they’ve mastered the techniques necessary to please a man. Their skills are unparalleled by young insecure women who don’t know what they are doing. Milfs, instead, are incredible at stroking, sucking, and generally living in the know of what gets us off. They’ve had the practice to make it mind-blowingly perfect.


They are caring

Yeah, we want to be cared for. It’s not a secret. So a milf figure is really attractive because they are motherly. That’s the whole point. Even the milfs who want to fuck and leave exude some of that empathetic caring quality that moms just naturally take on. It’s very hot and hard to ignore. The ones who project that during sex are perhaps the hottest milfs around!


They are excited

Milfs love fucking younger guys. They get turned on and horny by our very presence. There’s no question about it. When you know a girl is into you and excited about the experience, it makes it that much hotter for you. In a sexual situation, you want everyone in the room to be really turned on. Milfs always express that fully. There are no guessing games with a milf because she’s not going to have time to make you play any of those games. She wants your shaft, and she wants it now. So give it to her!


They have hot bodies

Milfs are generally women who liked to keep it tight even with age. They are the pilates women, yoga moms, and sad housewives looking for a good fuck. Fucking a milf, for that reason, is like fucking an old model. They’ve got the bodies. Plus, they’ve also got that extra cushion for the pushin’. A milf’s natural curves and age is really hot in the bedroom. They might be insecure about their age, but they don’t know how hot we think their bodies are! Even with all the extra bits.


It’s taboo

Society hasn’t totally gotten behind the idea that guys love to fuck hot moms. Beneath the surface, this is common knowledge. But it’s masked under a facade of societal norms. Fuck that! We want to have sex with these hot milfs. But the societal distaste for younger men having sex with cougar women only makes the forbidden fruit all the more sweet. There’s almost nothing hotter than trying something consensual and fun that society decides is a no-no. Milf sex is one of those things!