There are all sorts of relationships out there. People of the same age sprinkle the dating world along with those of varying ages. My favorite type of relationship is that between a cougar and a cub. Younger men just fancy me as a milf. And I, them. It’s more popular than mainstream media would have people believing. Cougars and cubs just work together in modern dating. And the relationship tends to work really well when it’s between those two archetypes. I am here to explore why it works so well and where the fascination for the relationship comes from.

Men Love To Be Taken Care Of

The idea that a straight couple needs to feature a hero and a damsel in distress is a complete myth. Men love to be taken care of as well and milfs can usually fill that need for them. To think of a milf as a mother has a creepy connotation. But to think of a milf or cougar as someone who is motherly is correct. Younger men who are attracted to this kind of woman understand that their emotional and intellectual needs will be met when dating a woman who is more experienced. Milfs offer themselves as emotional support and there are young guys who thrive off that sort of dynamic because they enjoy it so much and offer lots of attention to the milf in return.

It’s Considered Taboo

Brave people get into the cougar cub relationships because they are interested in trying something that society considers to be taboo. They enjoy the spice and uniqueness that it brings to their lives. The relationship is raunchy and its society-defying nature makes it playful. The energy between a milf and a younger man is usually incredibly sexual and filled with that tension of the very idea that it’s taboo to be together. That helps in making the sex with a milf so marvelous.

A Libido Match

There’s a huge myth out there that women lose interest in sex as they age. Perhaps that is what society wants people to believe but it is not the case. I am an older woman and I can tell you first-hand that I am feeling more alive, sexual, and turned on than ever. Many of my older women friends would say the same. There have been tons of studies that would agree with that I am proposing: Women are sexual beings even as they age. It’s also true that women need more time to be pleased. The men that can handle giving a woman multiple orgasms is that of the cub. The libido of a younger man is enough to satisfy a hungry milf while she is on the prowl for an orgasm.

It Cures The Boredom

Women are intelligent. That’s not a secret. This idea of a bored housewife is probably one that has a lot of truth to it. Intelligence often breeds boredom and a seeking for something more. That’s why so many milfs find themselves seeking someone young and exciting after they’ve had a full life themselves. When a young man can fill that void for her, she feels stimulated again. Older women love to feel that rush of energy and life that a younger man can bring to their experience.

These are just a handful of the many reasons why cubs and cougars blend together so well. It’s a cocktail that is mixed to perfection for the lucky ducks who get to enjoy it for themselves!