I am a lucky milf because since I have been blessed with the opportunity to meet many other milfs and cubs. I love the way the dynamic of the relationship works, and so do they. I decided that I’d conduct a little experiment and ask all the cubs I know why they love to date cougars so much. The reasons might seem obvious – but these young men all have specific reasons as to why they love dating or having sex with milfs. Enjoy reading all the opinions of the cubs below! Some are sweet, others are sexy. But they all share that warm feeling and sentiment towards the joys of dating an older woman!

Nick, 22: “My name is Nick and I date Suzanne who is in her 50s. I met her on a milf dating site and haven’t looked back since. I used to frequent those milf websites all the time, prowling for the perfect older woman. This is because I loved to fantasize about older women. I’ve been attracted to them since I could remember, but I never thought I’d be lucky enough to meet someone like Suzanne. She’s kind, caring, and nurturing. It exceeded my original desire to just fuck a milf. After I met her, I wanted to be around her all the time! I love the way that she takes care of me on both a physical and emotional level. There is so much to be learned from dating a woman in her 50s and so much more life experienced to take in. We are considering moving in together soon, which I really want. But Suzanne likes her independence and I can’t be the one to hold her back. We will see if living together is in our future, but for now, I just love taking her out for beautiful dinners and spoiling her as much as I can!”

James, 29: “In college, I knew tons of women who joined sugar websites to meet older men. It didn’t occur to me until later in life that the same could be done between a younger man and a cougar, or a sugar mama. At age 27, I lost my job and was broke as a joke. I started browsing sugar sites to see if I could make some extra money sleeping around with older women. It worked amazingly and I am so happy I took that route because it opened my mind to the pleasures of being with someone who is much older than me. I love to have casual sex with older women and it’s gotten to the point where I won’t have sex with a lady if she’s under 40. Milfs just know what they are doing in the bedroom so much more than younger broads. I love the way they touch and demand satisfaction. I enjoy that they are the ones who are in control when we are touching.

Adam, 26: “It all started when my friend’s sexy mom came onto me. It’s every man’s dream to have a gorgeous milf make that first move and push for something physical to happen. I jumped on the opportunity with her. I was of course nervous, but it was the best sex I have ever had. I actually fell for her a little bit which really pissed off my friend. Dating a milf with young kids seems easy, but when they are your friend’s actual parent’s it can be really tough. She was divorced, so it wasn’t an affair or anything. That relationship didn’t last long though and unfortunately hurt the friendship I had with her son. But it did spark my interest in older women which I am pretty thankful for. Now I will hop onto cougar apps to see which hungry lioness is available to cater to my young cub needs. It’s never a drag on those sites and I find myself meeting the most beautiful and curvy milfs, which I really love.

I know Nick, James, and Adam on a very personal level and care for each of them. They are people who love to date milfs and have had great relationships with some of the older women that I know, have connected them with, or have met through them. They are the kinds of cubs us Milfs love to see. The kind of men who know how to really take care of and please a cougar.