Dating a milf is a wonderful experience for any brave young man, but it comes with its complications. No dating story is ever picture perfect like Cinderella and Prince Charming. As much as I want to pretend I’ve had nothing but amazing experience dating younger men (as an older woman), I have to be honest. Being a milf comes with its list of dating challenges, and kids happen to be one of them. It’s interesting because the thing that makes us hot to younger men (being a milf) is the same thing that could get in the way of an amazing relationship. If you are a young man dating a milf and seeking to understand how to better deal with her children, you have stumbled upon the right article. I can tell you, as a milf myself, how you should be handling the kids situation. But first we must make one thing clear: this article is for the men who are already in or trying to be in a serious relationship with a milf. This is not for the guys who simply want a one night stand with Mrs. Robinson. There’s nothing with wanting to have sex with a hot milf, but if it’s that casual, you should never even be meeting the kids. Unless, of course, you met the milf through one of her kids. If that’s the case, keep your milf sex a secret… for everyone’s sake. Ok. Now let’s begin.

What are your intentions?

I think we should start here because your milf goals are going to be the framework for which you should begin to understand the relationship between you and her children. If you are looking for a long-term thing, the kids are going to come into the picture. It’s inevitable. But if you are just casually dating, you might want to wait until things get more serious to even think about meeting those kids. The age difference alone is going to be controversial to them, so you’re going to need to proceed with caution. One thing is true across the board: Never force a milf to choose between you and her kids. You are falling for this woman because she is older, experienced, and nurturing. Those qualities are some that are only found in the hearts of true milfs. You care for her because she’s a milf, so let her be one! If you aren’t sure where the relationship is headed, stay out of the kids way. But if you know you want to be with this woman longterm, then you are going to eventually meet those children. In that case, keep reading.

Consider the age of the kids

The trope we usually hear about in pop culture is the younger woman with the much older man. In movies, that young woman might be the same age as the man’s kids themselves. Well this can happen too when it’s a young man and a milf. The age of the milfs kids is obviously going to alter how you approach them, meet them, and interact. From my experience, the entire thing is much easier when the kids are on the younger side. They don’t fully understand the nuances of “mommy dating a younger man” quite yet. If your milf’s children are very young, treat them how you would other children. Don’t overstep, try to discipline, or be an overbearing father figure. Just be respectful, kind, and be a good guy. When men are nice to children, it comes across as really attractive.

Now if the kids are older, or even the same age as the young man, or potentially¬†older¬†than the man… this is when things can get very messy between the milfs kids and her partner. Tread very, very carefully here. My suggestion is to ask to have one chat with the milf’s kid(s) about the nature of the relationship. Their opinions are likely already formed, they probably talk smack about you to their friends, and they generally dislike you. These are all things outside of your control. But you will want to still try to level with your milf’s kids (or grown kids) or the sake of the relationship. In this conversation aim to make one thing clear: You are in love or care about that milf. You see a serious future with her, and the relationship you have with her kids is an inevitable byproduct. If you can get through to a milf’s kids with this message, you are on a good path. If the milf’s kid totally rejected the idea, then you know you have tried your best.

Always be civil

Never engage in arguments with your milf-lover’s children. It’s never worth it, for even a moment. And when you fight back, you put the woman you love in a position to have to choose between you and her children. Speaking as a mother, that’s the last place you want to be in. Avoid it altogether by being conflict-free. Her kids might try to start arguments with you and your response should always be, “I respect your feelings, but I care about your mom too much to argue with you. I know it would make her unhappy.” When a younger guy says this to a milf’s kids, it’s so impressive and shows maturity in the relationship.

As a younger guy dating someone else’s mom, your relationship with that person is always going to be rocky. Taking into consideration your intentions and the age of the kids is paramount. But the golden rule is the same no matter what: Be civil. Be as kind as possible so that you are never at fault for conflict. This rule is a lifesaver in most milf relationships!